Duck chin quack how dry pot

in the snack food industry, the small pot is defined as a small food, because the pan can be used as a dinner, but also as a snack, but also as a snack and exist. Both the form of hot pot catering, but also the supply of fast food, so I think the dry pot is a magical food items. Dry pot taste is not divided into Southeast and northwest, operating regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, a unique way to eat after the first rinse is an important feature of the dry pot. Dry pot both the hundred dishes taste, and Hot pot rinse food and fun, so only in a few years, following the Hot pot and Chinese food, Chinese food consumption has become the mainstream mode of eating. Quack duck chin dry pot gold medal project ten years of experience in the operation of the fire!

dry pot is one of the main branches of the catering industry, with its unique, the less good copy, regal and other unique advantages created catering industry profits high, has become a new focus in catering entrepreneurs.

product advantages:

a pot of two to eat, fashionable and novel.

regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, four seasons.

operation is simple and quick, adaptable, sustainable management, with strong competitiveness.

quack duck chin has a sweet but not greasy, wet appetizers, Qi and blood is also nourishing, the characteristics of young and old, loved by the vast number of consumers.

Store operation and management of all

stores will be in gold and gold company manager responsible for the franchisee Houchu, solve the menace from the rear.

quack duck chin pan pot support:

advertising support long public investment with strong financial strength, take the money, the operation of large capital, CCTV, local TV, the high frequency planar media delivery program, and give support to form regional advertising costs, advertising force strong, let the dealer quickly into the market.

brand support all franchisees can enjoy the benefits of the company’s brand, the overall store operations management model and experience, and with the expansion of the market, the company will be put into the national advertising budget.

location to support the location of the store will have a direct impact on the management of the latter, the headquarters of all the stores to join the site must be selected through the headquarters of the experts personally audited.

decoration support in order to maintain the unity of the store and headquarters store image, the headquarters of all the stores will be responsible for the company’s engineering design and decoration.

technical support in order to ensure the taste

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