Lu’an to promote the culture construction of the old revolutionary base areas

as we all know, Lu’an is the capital of red culture, where the spirit of the red revolution continues to flourish. Public cultural services, is an important indicator of the people of the old liberated areas out of poverty." Lu’an Municipal Committee, publicity Minister Han Jun introduction, in the work of cultural Huimin, Lu’an is committed to open up public cultural services, the last mile, and strive to let the sun shine in the depths of the Dabie mountains.

Lu’an is located in Jinzhai County, west border of Dabie Mountains in the hinterland of Jinzhai, the territory of emerald castle, surrounded by water. In the landscape of the road, often can see through distinct signs of Bookmobile in Jinzhai County between high mountains and lofty Hills Library Organization to carry out delivery activities, the vehicle is equipped with more than 2 thousand volumes of literature, history, art, science and other books, the books sent to remote areas regularly.

"last year, the city sent into the villages for 2056 performances Huimin activities, to show movies in the countryside 23046." City media bureau Comrade, to further promote public libraries, museums, cultural centers (stations) open 157 public cultural facilities free wrong at the same time, Lu’an and strive to high quality cultural products to the old people’s home door. For the grassroots of fine books demand in organizing farm house books to update Lu’an city at the same time, "the library branch library system construction in .

2015 since June, with the establishment of county public library is the main library, comprehensive cultural stations of township construction, two county circulation branch library resources and service , the formation of public library service system coverage, convenient, practical and efficient equalization.

"white orchid smile beside the rockery, jasmine spring grove reservoir……" In Huoqiu County, Hong Ji Zhen Hui Village Hall peasant culture park, provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritors of Bai Shulong’s Opera project Wanxi song "Mo woman" excerpts, let the audience Lianhu fun place. At home can see such a good performance, it is necessary to thank the good policy of cultural huimin." Village villagers Dou Weixian lamented, farmers have a cultural park month drama can be seen, not only the city’s actors, as well as the province’s artists, life is really rich and colorful.

continue to promote the cultural construction of the old revolutionary base areas, is conducive to the old people to create a better life. "Let us look at our village in the Spring Festival evening?" In Yu’an District Su Bu Zhen Nan Lou Cun broad neat Cultural Square, the village Party Secretary Zhang Jialiang introduced mass cultural activities, filled with pride.

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