Use your head to shop more popular whole


said to the store when the site needs to be selected in the high popularity of the place, is because of the high popularity of local traffic, so that the store will have to protect the business. However, not all of a shop is a place where the flow of traffic, popularity naturally became a problem. At this time, the owners also need to use their brains, so that the store will be more popular, better business.

last year, I opened a new village in Nanyuan, tobacco and miscellaneous food store. Store is located in the village center, the location is still good, but three months down, but little profit shop.

is there any way to improve the situation? I think hard.

one day, I went to repair my bike, I saw a group of people around the garage together, almost packed.

I was curious and asked the mechanic: "what are they doing?" The master replied, "play chess." A street chess booth attracted so many viewers! A flash in my mind: can I put a stall in front of my store?

said it was all right. I bought a pair of chess and went home to find a board. Then, I moved out of home coffee table and two small square stool in the doorway. Everything is ready, only chess. Who knows from noon until sunset, but no one.

second day early in the morning, I had a friend, the two "crackling" played chess, chess board percussion sound "loudly," as someone "bait". In a little while, a lot of people gathered in front of the store. In the bustling brawl, my friend and I crept out of the battlefield".

third days, I was in the store and put up the two chess stalls. Later, the three chess stalls are always idle. Watch shop lighters, cigarettes, mineral water and other commodity sales slow to rise, I was really delighted.

but I’m not satisfied. I think: more than a service before the door, will retain more customers. So, I asked a teacher to repair bicycles in front of the shop to repair cars. Master craftsman skills, in addition to bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles, some minor problems can be repaired, so attracted to a group of customers. And my business is going up.

then, I invited a friend to play the erhu I shop. It turned out that this friend is just a person at home to play the erhu, to my store to pull so many people to listen to, of course, he is happy. I use a tape recorder to play opera aria, he is beside the accompaniment. Whenever there is a customer like to stop listening to Shaoxing opera, he pulled harder. For a long time, and some customers call my store as "Shaoxing opera shop", which has a cultural taste

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