How to join Qashqai pie

pie to choose what brand is good, you can see the Qashqai pie? Let’s start with the brand. The aroma is beautiful pie, special health dishes, meticulous and thoughtful service dining, stylish and comfortable dining environment, has won many consumers especially thermal sought after young people, this is the Qashqai


Qashqai pie belonging to Zhucheng City Sun catering Co. Ltd., which owns the Qashqai: fast food, leisure hills leisure Qashqai and many other leisure places. The company has a large number of professionals in the restaurant, hotel management and food research and development industry has many years of practical experience. Study this huge catering to the domestic and foreign elite team with franchise enterprise management, the actual situation of catering chain management mode and Chinese catering industry advanced combination, summed up a set of feasible and efficient operation of Chinese food chain extension mode, this is the "Qashqai fast food". So how to join the

Qashqai pie?

joined the Qashqai pie? What are the advantages? And what support?

pie Qashqai join advantage

1, the system is complete, strict pre job, post, post training system, standardized service processes and institutional system, learning enterprise organization framework system.

2, standard uniform, uniform and meticulous standards of the implementation of the implementation of visual standards and the implementation of the standardization of the success model can be copied.

3, excellent service, people-oriented corporate culture, customer first service concept, excellent service team.

4, the product is unique, the Chinese food taste, the variety is diverse, the characteristic is prominent, the innovation unceasingly, and has formed the Chinese traditional culture and the western fashion style highly fusion product system.

5 environment, decoration, first-class level, interior design team and construction team, the perfect embodiment of the Qashqai business philosophy, to create a comfortable and elegant dining environment, rich cultural taste.

6, supervision and management, a unique management system, regular supervision, guidance, training, so that the chain can strictly in accordance with the headquarters of the unified standards and norms to carry out business activities, to ensure a steady increase in turnover.

7, operational experience, Qashqai has operational experience in operation for many years rich fast food industry, know the tastes and needs of consumers, to provide professional operation guidance and strong guarantee for the franchise.

Qashqai pie joined in support of

1, business district evaluation, assist site selection; to open shop for special >

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