Wang Zhidong why should we start

business market prospects, a lot of people go to the road of independent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs face a huge market of entrepreneurial people, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial team, Wang Zhidong added, click on the president of Beijing science and technology limited company, the famous IT profession Chinese, founder, who led the to become the world’s largest Chinese portal and the successful listing. Founded in December 2001, click on the technology, personally led the R & D team to integrate software, ing and communications three modern information technology, let’s look at his story.

20 years ago, when I went to Zhongguancun is still more alternative, especially in schools, many students are talking about going abroad, or enter Motorola, IBM and other large companies. I started my dream from junior to Zhongguancun. I often call on China to promote entrepreneurship, the government should also actively provide entrepreneurial environment, which is the spirit of Zhongguancun.

20 years to see whether entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, the business is not a question, even in many business situations, I was more to pour cold water, hope all of you are prepared in the business, know how difficult and risk venture. I later changed my mind, no longer pour cold water, because the business is really great attraction, I began to speak more, why do you want to start a business?

a entrepreneur at the beginning of a good entrepreneurial dream, and the dream of entrepreneurship itself contains a responsibility and contribution to the society. Regardless of whether the success or failure of the entrepreneur, he can confidently say that I have done my duty to society.

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