Beijing to promote sharing of car sharing rental

rental car for the car without a friend, is a good choice, can bring great convenience to people’s lives. Beijing encourage people to hire car at the time, Beijing will promote the distribution of timeshare rental car outlets, the end of the year when the rental car is expected to reach 2000.

mobile phone orders, along with the scheduled time sharing time-sharing lease car is also known as the shared car".

Beijing Transportation Commission official pointed out that this year, Beijing will further promote the integration of traditional transport industry and the development of new formats. To explore the promotion of online approval, credit supervision, electronic waybill and positioning data with the method of construction supervision work, the implementation of the "Internet + tube service system, promote the integration of development, leasing, rental freight, tourism and other industries with new formats, including promoting the lease layout, before the end when the rental car is expected to to 2000 vehicles.

reporter learned that the Beijing market has been the first automobile group under the "Gofun travel", LETV car platform "zero faction fun" "TOGO" "treasure driving" a timeshare rental brand. Among them, Gofun travel has been in Beijing reserves of 1100 cars, including Chery, JAC, Beiqi and other brands, leasing points in 2017, plans to expand to more than and 200 in.

want to share the car to get people’s choice, the need to increase the sharing of Beijing car management, and service efforts, so as to attract the attention of consumers. Not all the space under the bridge are suitable, the need to consider the space and traffic conditions of the bridge area, to avoid sharing the car into the ring road to bring new traffic pressure. At the same time, can also be set up after the traffic control department approval.

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