Shenyang will increase the intensity of punishment and crime of telecommunications fraud a

we all know that theft is shameful, because some bad behavior to bring economic and property losses to others, so that more people concerned about. Shenyang crackdown economic theft and Telecommunications fraud, it is worth the people. Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau held a global conference, the mobilization of public security work since spring.

the meeting stressed: to continue to further promote the "breaking the case, of the backlog, Qing fugitives special action. Two to increase the serious harm, the masses have strong robbery and theft, smashing car glass theft, telecommunications fraud and other multiple usurpation of crime, and effectively improve the overall effectiveness of combat. Especially have a significant impact on the new cases of murder, the criminal gangs involved in evil case, to organize cases quickly. Three to strictly prevent and punish pornography crimes according to law, and do a good job of security control work, strengthen the management of site inspection, found a number of clues, uncovered a number of cases, arrested a number of fugitives.

hopes that in the future, and build the vehicle theft behavior of telecommunications fraud will be less and less, hope more people not to touch the red line of the law, the Shenyang police will strictly combat, fine prevention, strong management, crack down on all kinds of criminal activities according to law, further strict social patrol control work and public safety management, to ensure that our city social security overall sustained peace and stability.

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