Toronto Seafood Buffet franchise

Toronto seafood buffet is part of one of Yangzhou star gathering Restaurant Management Co., one of the company’s food and beverage brands, the company also includes Western steak, star Urban Inn, five Chinese, exquisite canal impression foot health project is well known to us.

involved in Chinese food, Western food, buffet, coffee, hotels, reflexology and other fields; Yangzhou, Changzhou, Taizhou, Jiangyin, Nantong, Nanjing, six nearly twenty stores. Annual turnover of more than two hundred million. The Toronto seafood buffet with unique product positioning, has strong adaptability and universality in the category and variety development, taking into account all the tastes and preferences of consumers, the breakthrough tradition, innovation, develop more to meet the people to taste the delicacy.

Yangzhou star gathering Catering Management Limited has been to provide a healthy diet Western-style food "for the people for the purpose of advocating" employees loved "culture. At the same time, the company is preparing for the start of the group, the layout of other cities to expand the business. The star gathering in good faith and pragmatic, cooperation and win-win principle, steadily promote the franchise development, become one of the fastest growing brand Chinese chain catering industry, and gradually grow into large enterprise groups with international competitiveness, to become a diversified development of famous enterprises. If you have the ambition to work together with us to achieve success, we welcome you to join us!

Toronto Seafood Buffet:

1 a natural person or legal person with the capacity for civil liability.

2, with good business reputation and personality.

3, recognize and accept the business philosophy and brand value of the happy ranch cafeteria.

4, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and sense of service.

5, with the ability to invest in projects and risk awareness.

6, with a certain business philosophy.

Toronto Seafood Buffet fee is how much? Maybe even the store even equipment in large cities to invest 50-80 million, two cities about 40-50 million, small and medium cities may also be about 300 thousand. Different areas of investment costs are not the same. Franchisee in the shop must be ready to join the sufficient funds, so that it is easier to join the success.

The above is the simple introduction of the

Toronto Seafood Buffet jiamengfei and join conditions, if you still have what other problems do not know to want to seek advice, please see our website in the comments below, the message we will contact with you in the first time.

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