Shen Dongjun jeweler’s emotional business Business

jewelry industry market hot start, jewelry stores, a good jewelry business can bring more profit for the owner, also can add glamour to women for Shen Dongjun, psychic jewelry Limited by Share Ltd president, on September 12th afternoon, he had to constantly shuttling in the far way and to foreign guests, sweat drops in cheek.

but stood on the stage, Shen Dong Jun soon show a relaxed smile. Beside him, the chairman, the World Association of the world’s largest diamond cut diamond trader dimexon Eurostar (EDT) chairman Kao Xike · Mehta (Kaushik Mehta) announced: EDT will be the "blue flame" (revolutionary technology, 89 section can release the blue color) diamond cutting complete patent transfer to the psychic jewelry, but to increase 150 million yuan the company has equity ratio increased to 15%.

43 year old Shen Dongjun, in the 15 years of entrepreneurship, he spent most of the time to convince women and men, so that they believe that the purchase of their products will make them feel better. "There is a real insight into the consumer’s mind," he said. "The essence of a diamond is emotion." In this regard, the Consul General of Belgium in Shanghai Lin Jiaxi (Cathy Buggenhout) commented: Belgian diamond stole so many Chinese people’s hearts, Shen Gong can not be."


did not enter the jewelry industry, Shen Dongjun work in the airline industry. At that time, the state-owned enterprises to be considered a decent job, the resignation of his business suffered the biggest downturn in life. When he put the business near Kodak store to sell, completely unemployed. He cooks at home every day, then stands on the balcony watching his wife come home from work. "It was the three month of the worst." Shen Dongjun said. For a man who has not been successful and unemployed since he resigned from the State Department, he is in urgent need of a business card.

founded jewelry brand from a convenience: Shen Dong Jun father engaged in jade business, often in front of Shen about doing things in the wholesale trade China and Burma border, Shen hope to enter the field of jewelry. However, he insisted on doing the diamond retail business, met his father’s opposition. Father in law that the diamond industry has a high threshold, but also a capital intensive business, not easy to succeed. Shen has found that diamonds have become a necessity for marriage, and estimated the market demand after ten years. In 1997, Shen Dongjun put almost all of his savings into the jewelry business.

Founder of

and Shen period jewelry company now basically disappeared. Shen Dongjun recalled that when the majority of students to participate in China Quality Supervision Station diamond training course is a professional geological scientists, the problem is that these people start a business: Diamond researchers to ignore the needs of consumers.

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