How to manage the slack season cigarette business

different time, different customers, we want to do a good job in the sales business, need to take the right business strategy. In short, hospitality can not see people under the plate. However, the slack to find business opportunities, try to see people under the dish.

now is the slack season, many villagers in the countryside, the village shops as a gathering place. This group of people, a kind of chat. Most of the elderly, they usually buy low-grade tobacco, however, this kind of "oldsmokegun" a lot of people. To them, we should let nature take its course, but also boast a few words: "all the same to smoke, buy the most cost-effective." Although the benefit of small low-grade tobacco, but more people, will many littles make a mickle.

second is playing cards. Mostly middle-aged and young people. They buy cigarettes is generally more than 8 yuan. The slack season, I will put some cards, let them gather in here playing cards. Although my store near the town, but in my store can play cards entertainment, such people rarely buy smoke on the market, basically in my consumption here. In this way, the off-season sales of cigarettes is not light.

third is to visit relatives and friends. This is a floating population. The flow of business opportunities can not be missed. Retail stores are basically on the side of the road, especially at 10 in the morning, it is best not to keep in the store, but when I stand in front of the shop, everyone here, just say hello, scattered smoke, many people will buy one or two packs of high grade cigarettes, for entertainment. Do not smoke, can not neglect, we should pay attention to collect information. For example, relatives, weddings and funerals or is not the other birthday, a contact can be door-to-door sale of cigarettes.

now, the weather is cold like a day, the countryside is basically in a very idle state, this time the rural store if you can do a good job, no doubt to be able to make more money. In short, this is the slack season, I according to different groups, see people under the dish, clever to find business opportunities, basically can do cigarette sales off-season.

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