Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone to give nearly 300 million yuan reward entrepreneurial talent Netwo

in order to reward entrepreneurial talent, and now there will be some awards throughout the country, there will be a lot of money difference. But 235 people known as the "China Optics Valley" of the Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone 14, included in the ninth batch of "Optics Valley talent plan" (team) to nearly 300 million yuan reward, among them, there are 3 talent project received 13 million yuan highest single support funds.

compared with the past, the ninth batch of "Optics Valley talent plan" first overseas talents position, relying on the global entrepreneurship competition introduction. The London branch control incubator, Lenovo star, entrepreneurs, and other well-known 36 krypton incubator and investment institutions based in London, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu set up five sub division, covering major developed countries and Europe more than 10 key provinces and cities, more than 500 sea venture projects, radiation 100 thousand these entrepreneurs.

2015, the East Lake hi tech Zone was established 1 billion 100 million yuan scale of Optics Valley talent fund, on the basis of free funding, to further ease the pressure on the start-up of talent capital. Talent fund in the ninth batch of "Optics Valley talent plan", has invested more than and 80 entrepreneurial enterprises a total of 300 million yuan, of which 3 talents project get up to 13 million yuan of funds to support, support for 3 projects 9 million yuan of funds.

perhaps because the local government so generous reward policy, so that Wuhan East Lake hi tech Zone of entrepreneurship has been a very good development. According to reports, since 2009, Wuhan city decided in the construction of "talent zone" East Lake high tech Zone, and since the implementation of the "Optics Valley talent plan", East Lake hi tech Zone has gathered more than 4 thousand overseas talent team, more than 40000 people, master above 326 national people plan expert, 152 Hubei province "hundred expert 1238," Optics Valley talent project "list.

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