Management of the whole Ji Xinfeng

a person is really grow up, time is the best proof tools, Ji in Xinfeng more than and 20 years, growing to a retail customer trust so many people. From "with the fear of the mouth" to "unremitting self-improvement independent"; to praise from opposition to support; from a "greenhouse flowers" to a "wonderful retail"; this is the opposite of "butterfly process Langao school Yimin supermarket" beautiful shop owner Ji Xinfeng twenty years. It is not her actions to change their own, it is better to say that her "true good and beautiful" behavior touched the customer, won the cause of brilliant and wonderful life.

sincerely win family support

60 in the early 1980s, Xinfeng Ji was born in a well-off family economic prosperity, there are three sisters, two brothers, and the man looks like a Bobbi doll, the mouth is very sweet, deep love my brother and sister, in the eyes of parents is "with the fear of the mouth, holding in hand out of fear, like a pot in the greenhouse flowers, without the experience of life and not the slightest worry grew up exposed to wind and rain.

after graduating from high school, Ji Xinfeng is beautiful in the support of his family for ten years, when waiting for the notification, Langao married sister and brother-in-law to give birth, in the army, in the street of small shops open Langao unattended, then let Ji Xinfeng to help her sister waiting for notification. Since Ji new beautiful, and very warm, no miss big temper, deeply love the surrounding customers, with fearless aggressive, nor is the sister house business to take care of everything in good order and well arranged, excellent business. Never did the hard work of Ji Xinfeng found happiness and success, the value in the busy.

later two brother-in-law to change jobs, to bring the family in the past, so only to dish out sister shop. Then made a surprising decision to give up his own ideal Ji Xinfeng, accept, sister shop, do the shopkeeper. The decision aroused unanimous opposition from the family. "Don’t look at your help this time feel very fresh, if you have been doing, you will regret it" never regret, do not believe you Let’s wait and see "with childish but very serious Ji Xinfeng in opposition took over the shop.

After the takeover of

, Ji heard to set up a 6 Xinfeng Road site in front of the door, this is a good opportunity. Ji decided to expand the store, the overall image of the store to do a little change, she decided to open the door to open stores, but to improve the investment budget requires a lot of money. Because there is not a lot of money in hand, do not want to worry about their parents, so that my brother and sister to see a joke, has never been financially constrained by her, secretly with a friend to work in the bank to borrow a sum of money. The supermarket shelves installed, and at their own expense to the original Ji Xinfeng shop at the entrance of the dirt road is paved with cement road.

on the one hand to avoid wind and rain, >

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