Pay attention to the image can make Sundry Goods shop wins

a shop if you want to get the recognition of consumers, want to let the business booming, the first task is to leave a good impression to the customer. And in many people’s impression, many small department stores give people the first impression is "chaos", not only goods placed messy, but also no grade. As we all know, Sundry Goods store sales are basically to daily necessities, those who eat, use, as a retail shop owner, if you throw in a corner, the customer to buy when you take over the customer’s mind how to think, to spend money to buy a pain quickly. You can not affect business performance?

as the saying goes "small but complete" Sundry Goods shop too, not only your goods to complete, and you should do the store clean, it also is the image better, can win customers favor, achieve sales. Focus on the image of this point, many Sundry Goods stores do rural poor, rural stores are basically family shop, sometimes here piled food, there stood a tool shop only opened in a corner, sometimes goods, counter are covered with dust, the spider on the wall in, you say people to buy things can be comfortable with my heart?

sometimes, those who are slightly a little attention to consumers willing to run a few steps to other clean, organized or store to buy into the town, nor to the store to buy goods, so virtually lost opportunities. So, the shop is small, but our health work must be done in place. I am a small department store is small, only a dozen square meters, but whether you from the store, to the store’s merchandise, give people a sense of comfort.

focus on the image, not necessarily reflected in the shop, sometimes outside the shop also played a key role, some owners do not pay attention to this point, in order to save the store where the large package of toilet paper, scrap cardboard packaging, throw in the shop spread all across in confusion, not only blocked the line of sight, but also very beautiful, so also to the customers do not feel appreciated.

I do not advocate put things in the shop, but each item, even if it is not something you have to put the waste, organized, the stacking stacking, packing the packing, is only a little thing, don’t let your intention, scared away customers. To do this, their business in spare time, can go to the store to see his carping, put the things in place, outside the store image is actually more important than the store, because the store image, this is Sundry Goods first impression to the customer.

remember when a customer to buy things, jokingly said to me, look at your shop outside the light box signs, how many years did not change it, the above words are faded out of sight is still hanging there. Inadvertently, touched me very much, in the afternoon, I put on a new light box, the second time to shop, the customer was moved to say to the customer

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