85 degrees C catering brand

bakery stores to join the project is also the first choice of Taiwan characteristics of the project, such as 85 degrees C is a good investment to join the brand. For the cake shop partners may wish to consider the brand, if the brand do not know how to follow along with Xiaobian to understand the next bar.

85 C, a Taiwan fashion catering company, the mainland market belongs to Shanghai Jinwei Catering Management Co. Ltd, mainly engaged in dessert and coffee. The name comes from the "85° C coffee in Celsius; brewing the best tasting meaning", with five star chef and high-quality coffee raw materials and the establishment of creative desserts bakery, elegant and bright decoration style collocation concise brand image, so that every consumer to enjoy the warm and soft dessert and coffee brought in temperature Xin bright store environment, feel the warmth of home.

[85 degrees C how]

85 C is a fine roast, coffee dessert based stores, in the early days of the spirit of the creation of "sweet taste of happiness" for the vision, dedicated to the five star products, affordable prices, to bring a new experience hitherto unknown consumption for consumers around the world. With advanced materials and technology, showing a beautiful, affordable goods, so that everyone can enjoy five star treatment and feelings. 85 C in the Taiwan market as the foundation of the rapid growth in the country to more than and 700 stores, with more delicious products, more healthy nutrition, more intimate services, more high-end enjoyment for consumers.

[85 degrees C market prospects]

current social consumer living standards are improving, there is a greater demand for leisure desserts, dessert industry development space. Today, consumers pay more attention to food nutrition and dining environment value, 85 degree C Coffee Roasters grasp market trends, in just a year, quietly in Shanghai and surrounding areas out of more than and 100 consecutive Coffee Cake Bakery, every store business is good to line up, market prospects.

[85 degrees C join process]

1, investment advisory: through telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of the preliminary understanding of project information;

2, field trips: investors need to 85 degrees C headquarters for the project site visits, visit stores, confirm the project, submit the application;

3, join qualification audit: 85 degrees C headquarters for investors to carry out qualification, confirm the qualification of investors;

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a cooperation contract;

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