s the value of all services

although many people are aware of the importance of the service, but it does not have a true understanding of its value. In fact, the quality of service of a store will determine a customer’s attitude toward consumption. If our service attitude is not good, the quality of service is not high, the customer will lose the desire to buy, there is no way to profit. It should be said that service is value.

my shop is located in the suburbs, there are a lot of large industrial enterprises. I remember the beginning of operation, I always believe that as long as not to buy counterfeit goods to entrap customers, will be able to do business, do not put the service in the heart. On one occasion, a customer came to my shop to buy cigarettes, he asked me if I could cut prices, because the business is busy, I replied: "you want to buy cheap to buy elsewhere."

did not expect such a sentence is to provoke the "scourge", the man started up with my noisy, the shop is to buy things at the sight of the customer have a shop, some customers are ready to come away. This matter, not only let me lose a lot of money, but also for the future operation brought great difficulties.

learned the lessons of this incident, I began to focus on changing their service attitude, and strive to improve the quality of customer service. Slowly, my business has improved and many customers are willing to come. Once, a staff to my shop to buy some cigarettes and a drink, is said to see a friend, just pay him ready to go, accidentally put a drink out of the ground, the box fall out of shape.

see this situation, I quickly ran to the warehouse, and moved to the same drink, the ground fell into the drink into the counter. The staff was my action made some fameng: "brother, what are you?" "Brother, take this box to see your friend! The box fell on the ground and I left the children to drink." Big brother, or I’ll give you some money, said the workers went to pocket money, I stopped a.

later, the staff became my good friend, not only often come to chat with me, but also many of his colleagues to bring me here to spend. Today, I have a steady growth in sales revenue, operating scale is also growing, the surrounding several industrial and mining enterprises have become my regular customers.

anyone who does business can not underestimate the power of the service, it is often able to create more value for us. Therefore, the service is the value of this sentence is not fake ah, as a business people, should not pay attention to service work?

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