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in the rapid development of the real estate industry today, ceramic tile products also ushered in a huge demand, so that the birth of a lot of brands on the market. In fact, the use of ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom space, its style, quality in the home decoration, which plays a pivotal role. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of tiles, so as to help consumers have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry’s brand.

tiles ten brands list NO.01, Nobel tiles:

Nobel is a high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou city famous brand, visibility is not small, in addition to the development in Zhejiang, the Nobel tile has become the country, even to enter the international market, sales expansion, occupy a certain market share.

tiles ten brands list NO.02, Dongpeng tiles:

Dongpeng mission to revitalize national industry, is committed to promoting the Chinese ceramic industrial upgrading, with low carbon and environmental protection, high-tech and highly personalized ceramic tiles and bathroom products for our customers. Eastroc group is located in the "Southern pottery capital" – Foshan Shiwan, outstanding tiles and bathroom products professional manufacturers and brands. Founded in 1972 Eastroc, "which is good at this," focus on the ceramic industry, with industry leading the trend of consumer products, innovative business models, promote the industry by selling products to selling space, by selling single tile to sell the whole decoration scheme, by selling tiles to sell the three cultural change, become China ceramics one of the leading brand in the industry.

tiles ten brands list NO.03, Marco tile:

"Marco Polo" brand was born in 1996, as the first brand of ceramic brand, occupy the market with "cultural ceramics", entitled "antique brick supreme" reputation. The products covered by matt tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, interior wall tiles, ceramic stone, hand carved brick, is the brand the most complete series of domestic ceramic products. The company has 380 patents, design originality: "China impression" of its own products, the essence of traditional culture Chinese show on the tiles, leading the design wind back to oriental charm, attracted wide attention of consumers and experts at home and abroad.

tiles ten brands list NO.04, Monalisa tiles:

Monalisa is a famous brand in Guangdong, the Monalisa company is a high-tech enterprise, technological strength, product innovation and production capacity are very impressive, although the ceramic industry competition, but Monalisa can still licuoqunxiong, take charge as chief of ten big brand, has become the strength of a strong visible.

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