Good use of Magic all into the store clerk relatives profit

Is it really good for

to set up shop and do business with his relatives as a shop assistant? I think a lot of people’s answers should be negative. In short, the daily business, some of the relatives feel that the relatives of the shop manager to manage more trouble, they do not want to do with relatives as a clerk. A friend of mine in many years in the management of relatives and friends with the stick, and achieved good results.

due to the business expansion, friends in just plans to hire the first clerk, just have a daughter and relatives failed in the college entrance examination to stay at home, he asked relatives opinions, relatives consented. At the beginning, the little girl is perplexed: remember, the price will not tally, even say hello to the guests will not stand in the store, also do not know what to do. Friends to teach him over and over again, slowly, the little girl to find out the doorway, became the store outside the store".

girl something to ask for leave, friends have not deducted a penny from her, but also give her some benefits when the holidays. That girl Amy, usually also from time to time to buy her clothes or buy a set of cosmetics and the like. People are long meat, the girl worked hard, do not know the customer thought it was a friend’s daughter.

after a few years, relatives and friends to discuss, said a fancy house, want to let her daughter go alone. My friend has promised immediately after listening to, and from the housing to the opening, a friend has to help raise, therefore, one family grateful relatives.

before the opening of the new friends and relatives and friends into the shop chain, unified management, unified operation, but the profits for all relatives, friends will not draw a penny. Relatives did not want to agree. The friend said: "it seems to lose money, in fact, otherwise. Chain store model to expand the visibility of the two stores are to promote business."

relatives clerk if the relationship is not good, I’m afraid it will bring trouble to the operator, however, if all properly handled, I am afraid that is brought about by the rich return. Now, the friends of the store has been using relatives as clerk. He felt that the family is the first magic weapon, the clerk should first treat relatives to feel the warmth, and then as a clerk, also have to let people feel with their dry off, they will be willing to pay for you.

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