Do business can also use and strategy

has a lot of classic historical stories, which can be applied to the strategy of our current business process. Read the "historical records of · Xiang Yu Ji", there is such a description: Liu Bang and Xiang Yu met in the Hongmen banquet, counselor Xiang Yu, fan Zeng let and, to kill Liu Bang. Liu Bang Zhang Liang of adviser: "this fan Kuai Xiang Zhuang pull the sword dance, often in the same time" (Xiang Zhuang Xiang Yu: his generals. Liu Bang: Liu Bang). Used to describe the performance of words and deeds inconsistent with the real attempt.

interpretation of this allusion, if simply used in our business, perhaps biased, narrow and even lead to misunderstanding, but in the actual retail life, the meaning of its extension, may wish to use.

one day, the shop a few customers to buy health care products to the hospital to see the patient, I recommend them to the milk, egg yolk pie, eight treasures porridge, etc.. After the end of the selection of customers began to talk to me with a bargain, said that the egg yolk faction in other places only how much money, the eight treasure porridge do not want that three dollars a fraction of the final account is not to give a discount.

originally the weather is hot, I was stunned by their dizzy, when the account received a small box of milk but did not know the money. After a few minutes, there is a woman riding the electric car and came back, the door will complain about me: let you receive less than two dollars you do not want to see you take less money." I said blankly: "what? I take!" She said: "I bought a box of yogurt you do not have money, I do not come back you lose big, right?"

she said as he took out the change to me, then took thirty yuan of money, said: "we are kind-hearted, know you is not easy to do business, get this money to send you back," she told me jokingly: "it makes me a few dollars". I feel shy to take her money, she gave her a Yili music Qiao sound: "authentic, heartfelt thank you!"

shop for more than a year, or the first time a customer sent me back the extra money. Thanks to me in the heart silently bless the customer: I hope that good luck with you often! Your honesty will pay for your happiness. This is a small matter, but y reflects the quality and level of people. Compared to those unscrupulous people, the customer of the beauty of the soul is far beyond those beautiful dark heart of people.

should promote the customer’s kindness, let everyone to learn from her! Think of this, I carry out promotional advertising billboards, write down the customer "Shijinbumei" story, and thank her words at the last write special.

Thank you

this card attracted onlookers, we have praised the customer’s kindness, some phenomena also denounce today lack of good faith, with everyone.

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