The business of the whole Yan Shiwen

for how to do business, different operators will have a different understanding, and let the following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the protagonist Yan Shiwen’s business management skills. My name is Yan Shiwen, as early as 10 years ago, I opened a small supermarket in the small town of Rugao huang. At that time, the number of commercial banks in the city on the road there are more than and 10, a large supermarket also has three or four.

needless to say, the competition is fierce. Many bosses lamented business difficult to do, regret the wrong line. But I have no idea, through these years in the market beat, experience, my shop remains popular in the state of competition, business is booming, cigarette sales rose steadily. What is the secret of this? The answer is actually very simple.

business integrity based

business integrity, everyone will say, but really is not an easy thing to do. First of all, to choose other channels of purchase of goods other than cigarettes, strict quality of the purchase, to the slightest careless. My shop is very concerned about the manufacturers and wholesalers of visibility and credibility, quality can not guarantee that the goods are not into, not a formal channel.

to allow customers to buy at ease, with ease, eat at ease. Each purchase must enter the commodity ledger, so that in addition to master inventory situation, but also to grasp the purchase time and shelf life of goods. Secondly, put an end to commercial fraud, all goods are clearly marked price, so that customers at a glance, easy to refer to contrast.

a customer to buy a promotional detergent powder, buy a bag to send a small basin, when the sales staff did not promptly explained that the customer did not care to go. After the event, we will be in a timely manner to promote the sale of goods to the customer’s home, and the staff criticized the education. As the saying goes: doing business is not a hammer trading, to do for a long time, you must make a good impression on the customer, so the customer turnover rate is high.

to operate the brain

operating on the brain, think of ways. A good idea can make a business back to life, the same, there is a good way to make business prosperous business, enduring. Do not look at our store is a rural store, to retain customers, establish and develop a stable customer base is also very important. Opening at the beginning, we carried out a membership card, the establishment of membership files, two points a year rebate activities. From the opening to the present, we have issued more than 2 thousand membership cards, although not in the large number of shops and supermarkets, but in this town, and these members can maintain close relationship is the biggest resource of my shop.

over the years, I shop to the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the goal, so that each new and old members can y enjoy the shopping will bring >

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