How to store Manicure reasonable price the whole

shop operation, what kind of a unit price for the operation of the store will have considerable influence. Moreover, I believe most of the nail shop owner for pricing are quite distressed, the price is set to fear of scaring away customers, set the low and no profit, people feel that their nails are low-grade goods. So how to give their own reasonable customer price?

1, just opened shop period

nail shop in the early days of the opening, the source is not stable, there are two pricing strategies can be used. One is the "middle line pricing strategy", namely the pricing based on the local average consumption level and the same industry, not too high nor too low, in line with the local public consumption level, does not cause the attention of competitors. The second is the low penetration strategy, that is a period of low prices to attract customers to the door, open up the market. However, the use of this strategy should be careful not to put the price too low, otherwise it will attract the attention of competitors, but also the loss of some of the pursuit of higher quality customers.

2, nail shop steadily rising period

nail shop at this time a high degree of credibility, customer stability, no longer have to worry about no customer home consumption, you can consider the high price strategy". In fact, this is an inevitable process, customer demand for more and more high, Manicure shop to continue to provide better programs and services to meet customers, the cost will rise, then the consumer price higher than before is no ground for blame. In the premise of improving the quality of service, customer nail shop to raise prices or more tolerant. Pay attention to improve the customer price is the need for a reason, rather than in the case of constant is to raise prices. Can be appropriate for a batch of nail polish or service on the upgrade and so on the reason too slow.

3, flexible processing

in some special period, such as nail shop anniversary, all kinds of holiday promotion period, nail shop off-season, nail shop to learn to let customers. Because this time to let go of a small part of the profits, as the promotion of the extension of the customer, will soon be the return of customers. On the other hand, if you have been defending a price does not fluctuate, will be considered by the customer is not kind. Under the premise of the same quality of service, the customer will choose the lower prices of other nail shop consumption.

pricing is done in place, will directly affect the customer price, thereby affecting the store’s profits. Therefore, if you want to open a profitable, but also has a good reputation nail shop, you need to make more efforts in the development of the customer price above, I believe that the long-term development of the store will have a greater help.

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