Shop how to retain customers

if a shop can not retain customers, but also how to do business? So, want to open a hot shop, you need to retain more and more customers. So, how can the store to retain customers? Let Xiaobian to introduce a few tips for you, if you are a shopkeeper, you can also apply to your store operating oh.

stores, the location is very important. With a good location, you can attract the attention of many customers, so as to retain their footsteps. I made a careful investigation of the location of the store, selected a desirable lot, thus a big step towards successful operation.

The image of the

store is the first impression to the customer. Store staff should pay attention to their appearance and behavior. There was a time when I was busy with other things, so that parents help store. Parents are older, a little slow action, usually do not pay attention to their own image, so that the store’s business has been affected. During that time, even some of the old customers who contributed a lot to the store were less likely to come to the store.

smiling face, smiling face is to send each of our retailers should have the quality, warm and thoughtful service allows customers to feel the warmth of family. Although my shop is very small, but when the customer comes in, I always smile, let the atmosphere of the store becomes harmonious. Sometimes, a few simple but warm greetings will narrow the distance between the heart and heart.

a lot of times, we can introduce the product of euphemism can not achieve the desired effect, and can not be a "no" refused to the door. Once, an old customer to buy cigarettes. I heard he smoked only one brand of cigarettes, but the store didn’t have that kind of smoke. I will come up with a box of the same price of new cigarettes, handed him a try to suck, by the way talk about the topic of smoke. He took a quick breath and slowly. Later, he said, "come and have a try." In this way, I use the method of "euphemism" to almost lost customers "find" back.

if a shop has a very large number of loyal customer groups, this is the accumulation of daily operation, and can have such a result, nature also has a certain business skills can be understood. So, small series of the above introduced a few points, if you are a shop owner, will also be used to your store in the operation?

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