Free access ready for mini bus

In order to ensure that this year’s National Day holiday mini bus toll free work smoothly and orderly implementation, recently, the toll station in our province has been ahead of the deployment of multi holiday mini bus toll free, preliminary work is ready.

it is understood that during the National Day holiday this year, the province’s high-grade highway bus free time: September 30, 2012 to 24 at 0:00 on October 7, 2012. 2 hours of free time at the end of the 2 hours before the start and free time, the public security departments will deploy more police to the great traffic and highway exit toll station duty. Free time as of the time of vehicles out of the highway. Free range: 7 (including 7) to download passenger cars (hereinafter referred to as small passenger cars). For high grade highway open section, small passenger car must be confirmed by the toll collector, according to the toll free vehicle operation process to be released. Closed road, mini bus toll station at the entrance to the normal card. Upon arrival at the exit toll station, the toll collector shall be released by the toll collector in accordance with the free vehicle operation procedure.

Ping toll station chief Han Dezhong told reporters: "taking into account the toll free minibus was the first in the country, so some of the forecasts have made emergency response plans in these areas and strengthen public security, traffic police, highways department contact. If the vehicle queue, immediately start the emergency plan, to quickly release. Focus on prevention, such as malicious punch cards, traffic jams, disrupting the order of charges and other emergencies." (author: Wang Qiong)


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