Central multi pronged measures to stabilize prices

In order to maintain the market order and ensure the people’s livelihood, a number of measures have been taken to ensure the supply and stabilize prices.

take policy support, to ensure price stability control. Establish and improve the supervision and management of price adjustment fund and the use of mechanisms, the implementation of price subsidy policy, the establishment of 3 million yuan price adjustment fund. Strictly to the 28 main varieties of vegetables in the central main bazaars implement zero slip control, effectively alleviate people buy food expensive problem. At the same time, in the area of the major farmers market to carry out special rectification price tag, the standard price of the standard rate of more than 90%. Reduce intermediate links to ensure market supply. Further smooth the agricultural super docking channels, so that the production base of agricultural products directly into the supermarket, reducing circulation. At the same time, increase vegetable outlets, chain building efforts, the construction of parity stores 10. Led by the "vegetable basket" project, the demonstration project of the facility agriculture demonstration garden was put into effect to provide more than 20 thousand tons of vegetables, so as to improve the self-sufficiency rate in the central area. Implementation of life security, increase market management. Actively respond to rising prices, the difficulties of the masses to carry out relief, timely payment of solatium. Strict market regulation, crack down on illegal acts. Improve the working system, timely warning analysis. Hire volunteer masses as the social obligations of the price supervisor, make relevant policy propaganda, the market price tag and zero slip control, the maximum retail price of the implementation of supervision and inspection, collect and feedback the opinions and suggestions of the people, give full play to the role of social supervision.  

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