Eastern seamless city

to create a national civilized city, in addition to the macro standards, many of the details of civilization decided to create a success or failure. In May 17th, the reporter learned from the East District, based in the past, joint multi sectoral national interactive "creative city" on the East District of subdivided each "creative city" goal, refined theory of seamless, make a city more popular activities.

in the recent creation of the city activities, to meet the construction and re inspection into the top priority. Because the health of the city directly determines the degree of cleanliness. To this end, the development of the east district work schedule, inverted schedule, all give up holidays in the region to carry out carpet cleaning activities. A city, East District to the spread of civilization, changing concepts, each month, East District will carry out various forms of moral lecture in the community or the organs and units, with "around people talk around things, people speak their own things and people around to teach people around, strengthen social morality, occupation area residents ethics, family virtues and individual moral education, spread the life style of modern civilization.

at the same time, East District has also developed a number of service, every Friday will organize volunteers into the community to carry out comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, civilized traffic persuasion, convenience services and other activities, mobilize community residents to support a city work. Washington (reporter Zhou Jianping)


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