Xining Ping An assessment of the construction of the province

recently held in 2015 the province’s comprehensive management (Qinghai peace building) meeting in 2014 in recognition of the comprehensive management of the province’s (peace Qinghai construction) target assessment area, outstanding units outstanding, in the comprehensive management of the province’s 2014 (Qinghai peace building) 4 city honors outstanding target assessment area "title in Xining city in objective assessment of the first success in the first row.

fully implement the maintenance of stability first responsibility, to maintain sustained overall social stability; in-depth investigation and resolve social conflicts, promote the harmonious development of economy and society; construct the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, comprehensive management level has improved significantly; the full implementation of comprehensive measures, and vigorously promote the construction of peace in Xining. The two is to seek innovation, to create a new highlight of grassroots social governance. Strengthen organizational leadership, clear work ideas; close to the grassroots reality, the concept of innovation and development; coordination and guidance in place, the integration of effective resources; demonstration typical lead, mobilize the masses to participate in. Actively build the east district mental health education service center, West District Social Organization incubators, Chengbei District peace building street and Huangyuan Chengguan town "five coverage" project in the province to get demonstration and promotion. Three is a strong governance, building a new pattern of grassroots governance. In 2015, the city’s comprehensive management and peace building will actively promote grassroots highlights cultivation, according to catch the middle, promoting the two requirements in 100 villages (communities) build a number of obvious characteristics, good effect, accepted by the masses, pragmatic and effective key projects, innovation to promote peace Xining construction; at the same time, around the "Three Basics" the construction of rural grid management, 100% rural grid management; strengthen the rule of Xining, safe Xining propaganda, expand the comprehensive management and peace building coverage and influence.


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