Efforts to implement the work of the general election

8 month 8 to 11, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Party Secretary Mu Dongsheng, led to the Haibei Prefecture and 4 counties 8 towns, county and Township People’s congresses instruction inspection work of the election, the provincial Party committee to understand (2015) No. 14 document and provincial leadership on the implementation of.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that Haibei State Party committees and the NPC attaches great importance to, well, measures the work smooth and orderly, has achieved results. To fully understand the new situation facing election of county and Township People’s congresses, clear election faces new requirements of new county and Township People’s congresses, to do fine fine, cautious, very strict, false and real, good conduct, and on behalf of the political quality, structure, pay more attention to the quality of the representative, pay more attention to the election and pay more attention to the discipline, with "zero tolerance" political attitude, strict legal procedures, scientific and effective working mechanism, to county and Township People’s congresses general election.

Mu Dongsheng requirements, to adhere to the problem oriented, grasp the key links, collaborative work. Do the registration of voters, thoroughly to voters in advance to prevent wrong records, leakage, relogin; optimize the structure of representative, strengthen the understanding of the effects of the candidates, strictly grasp the qualifications, the elected representatives to perform their duties, good performance; strict election procedures, the election work legally and orderly, smooth operation; strengthen work study, good risk control, new situations and new problems in a timely manner in order to appear, to make plans, to the election of the work carried out.


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