September 30th to November 19th Xining traffic police focused on rectifying the road traffic order

in order to strengthen the Xining city road traffic management, traffic, regulate parking order, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, to create a good travel environment for the general public, consolidate the "establishment" and "creative city" and the "year" work, and enhance the taste of the city image, Xining City traffic police detachment from September 30th to November 19th and carry out a 50 day on investigating serious violations, regulate road traffic order rectification action in the city within the scope of.

since August, Xining city traffic police detachment has received provincial and municipal people’s Congress, CPPCC members, in-depth investigation of the city’s road traffic management and order. Among them, the masses reflect the drunk driving, clone car road and parking difficult "and" Parking "phenomenon is still a hot issue of traffic. According to the "outstanding things, focus on the investigation, normative ideas parking, orderly management, enhance the detachment of subordinate units to co-ordinate arrangements, the responsibility to the people, by street cleaning, improve the working pattern, to follow the education first, then strict management according to law work, duties, concentrate, Duocuobingju, key control, and severely punish all types of serious traffic violations.

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the special rectification activities, the detachment set up a leading group. All departments and units of the subordinate units have clear division of responsibilities. In accordance with the principle of territoriality jurisdiction road traffic order, a reasonable allocation of the day night three attendance mode of police, the day 50% of the police on the main intersection and key sections, to divert the fixed duty left behind ways to strengthen traffic flow, improve the flexibility of command skills. 30% police arrangements for mobile inspections, the delineation of regional road, focusing on inspection of passenger stations, wholesale markets, supermarkets, Park Plaza, bus station, hotel, restaurant and entertainment for people and logistics intensive zones, leading edge edge illegal acts. 20% police working time is at 9 pm to 11 pm, to set up concentrated night, unified action on the main city to the unified organization scale, integrity, authority and supplement all the police vehicle.

this action, focused on investigating illegal behavior is drunk driving, the vehicle involved in the licensing of card, speeding vehicles, bus overcrowding, fatigue driving and thorough cleaning of primary and secondary roads parking violations.


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