Expand the platform to perform their duties on behalf of the people’s Congress

September 16th to 18, the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held a "National People’s Congress’s" work experience exchange and demonstrations, Street Township, the county and part of our city (neighborhood) respectively to carry out the "people’s Congress" house of work experience for the exchange of speeches, and went to the county people’s Congress House "after the field watch. Zou Jiansheng, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, attended the meeting, deputy director Liu De. The meeting pointed out that the deputies to the people’s Congress is the grass-roots people’s Congress in the work of exploration and practice to create an effective representative of the forms and methods of activities. In recent years, the city in accordance with the requirements of their superiors, the unity of thinking and requirements, gradually promote the "people’s Congress House" to create work. Strictly in accordance with the Constitution and the law given the responsibility to carry out a variety of forms of activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the deputies to perform their duties, play a representative role, effectively promote the city’s economic development and social harmony and stability. The meeting stressed that to promote the "people’s Congress House" to create work has important significance to play the role of deputies, strengthen the people’s congresses at all levels to regulate the system construction, and effective implementation of the "National People’s Congress House" to create work, relying on the "people’s Congress" house of deputies to perform their duties to expand the platform, let’s become voters, the masses the spokesman. Through field observation, from across the province on behalf of our city "National People’s Congress House" fully affirmed the work of the "people’s Congress watch house not only the form of the novel, and diverse activities, in close contact with the actual work, work for the people, reflecting the voice of the people, effectively solve the practical problems and difficulties of the masses. To fulfill the duties of NPC deputies, make the home truly become a bridge of the masses.  

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