After the summer day plastic blackened public appeal mourning don’t damage the environment

Summer day night, the streets of Xining, waving tiny spots fire, entrusted with everyone on the grief of the deceased relatives. The morning of November 13th, enthusiastic readers to reflect this reporter, some people in the repair of Binhe Road on the plastic paper, good plastic is burned black.

13 at 9:30, the reporter saw in the Jingjiang Hotel along the riverside road near the road, brick red plastic is burned several large and small dark spots around there are a lot of bottles, plastic bags, packaging boxes and other garbage, plastic side road is the brick pavement.Ms.

a founder of the people said, this festival is the ancestors, descendants of mourning, but also It’s only human. should not convenience, will burn black plastic road. During the interview, many people believe that the legacy of ancestors need to be inherited, but we must pay attention to the destruction of the environment when the sacrifice.  

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