The province’s third agricultural census lineup unprecedented

9 23 September, the Provincial Bureau of statistics organized agricultural census statistics blessing to farmhouse "Open Day theme activities in the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, North Township, zero distance, down to earth to create publicity atmosphere for our province to carry out the third national agricultural census. Our province will achieve the first third agricultural census will scale farming households and farming households census, for the first time difference measurement of crop sown area, remote sensing technology to implement the new changes, such as networking direct reporting by then, nearly 10 thousand instructors and census census statisticians home, many objects, involving a wide range of hitherto unknown.

Kang Ling, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics, 1996, and in 2006 China has carried out two agricultural census, this year is the third national agricultural census year. The third agricultural census will be launched in December 31st, the province involved in 425 townships, 4222 administrative villages, agricultural production and operation of the 18 thousand units, the 960 thousand farmers. Compared with the previous two, the census showed a number of characteristics, first of all census table has changed the contents of the census. For the first time the scale of farming households and ordinary farming households from the census, the scale of farming households survey content more comprehensive, to accurately reflect the new business entities agricultural development and agricultural industrialization of the development of the new situation; a substantial increase in the indexes of economic and social development in the Township township administrative villages in the census; the census to reflect the basic situation the administrative village of economy and society, to reflect the focus of rural infrastructure and rural living environment.

it is reported that the province the third agricultural census also hit a number of "first", is a main crop sown area of application of remote sensing measurements on main crops in rice, wheat planting area remote sensing measurement, measuring the spatial and temporal distribution, to provide more accurate decision-making basis for national food security. Two is the handheld intelligent data acquisition terminal data collection for the first time, for ordinary farmers, households and agricultural scale management business unit census, the use of hand-held intelligent data acquisition terminal access home registration, and the census data real-time transmission, will greatly improve the level of statistical information, but also conducive to reducing the burden of the census, improve the quality of census data. The three is to promote the application of network direct reporting in the census, when the census of the administrative villages and towns, will make full use of modern network information technology, in all villages and towns and the conditions of the administrative villages to implement direct reporting network. Four is the first application of electronic maps.


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