Province a number of collective and individual recognition by the state

reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, in order to promote the rural environmental protection science work continued in depth, recently, China Environmental Science Institute selected the 2015 "student volunteers in thousands of villages in Environmental Science outstanding individual and collective action". Qinghai Institute of environmental science and other groups awarded the outstanding organization units, two college students volunteers and 3 college teachers were awarded the "outstanding volunteers", "excellent teachers" title.

It is reported that

in 2015, "student volunteers in thousands of villages in Environmental Science" a total of 14 provinces (city) Environmental Science Institute, more than 80 colleges and universities organized 687 environmental science special teams into the countryside, there have been more than 7000 college volunteers through the market, environmental protection, self proclaimed drama open primary school classroom and other environmental protection the form of environmental science knowledge to the rural areas, and achieved good results.

by the provincial (municipal) Environmental Science Institute evaluation and recommendation, Chinese Institute of Environmental Sciences expert appraisal, 2015 student volunteers in thousands of villages in Environmental Science Institute of Qinghai Province, "awarded Qinghai Normal University environmental science, Qinghai University" excellent organizational units "; Qinghai University student Liu Xiaodong, Xing Lan" outstanding volunteer teacher Zhang Wei, Qinghai University; Qinghai national university teacher Geng Wenjun, a teacher of Qinghai Normal University Lei Meryl "excellent instructor honor.


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