mplementation of fine management concept to pay close attention to the quality of broadcast program

this year, Xining radio program to fine management as the standard, to improve the quality of programs and program specification process as the starting point, the whole table together, make concerted efforts to seriously investigate the outstanding problems existing in the operation of the program, formulate scientific and reasonable solutions. Making the quality of programs in Taiwan has been greatly improved, each link program management has been further improve and implement, which can solve some problems that the good foundation for the sustainable development of the radio later.


for the first quarter of this year, festival activities, an important task of the publicity, the radio leadership attaches great importance to the development of scientific and practical publicity plan, the successful completion of the "two", "NPC and CPPCC", "3· 15" and other major activities of the publicity and broadcast work, completed the "two strong Secretary letter" to learn the spirit of propaganda, "Lei Feng spirit" propaganda, three rural areas and the city’s fine management related publicity, especially for "spirit open project" and the city’s fine management, timely creative production of public service advertising, broadcast in three sets of frequency, and in the "Xining news" program open listing column, timely broadcast related articles. In addition, when the traffic broadcast planning launched a two hour long live program, "Zhang Li said traffic," the program in the evening rush hour broadcast, by the community’s attention and praise.

in March, Taiwan for the program adjustment plan in the new year, put forward a set of scheme and requirements of the quality of programs and meticulous management, and led by Taiwan editor in three sets of frequency carefully and orderly program to improve the quality of programs and meticulous management work. We make full use of classes before the class and the actual work time, from the commentary on their own programs with each other to find enough time to seek a solution, after a period of time to review and discussion, listening to comments that dozens of issues have been resolved in a timely manner, the quality of the program also has a large upgrade. Some of the audience’s favorite, high-quality news releases, columns, radio and host also stand out. Next, the station has been improving the quality of programs and commentary on normalization activities, every morning from the program Biancaibo fixed line staff to listen to comments, making the fine degree of program quality management further normalization, for the whole program management work smoothly laid a good foundation.


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