Yushu reconstruction headquarters on the implementation of the reconstruction plan and land policy

  in the morning of June 15th, after the earthquake disaster reconstruction in Yushu Province headquarters held a press conference in Xining, detailing the implementation of post disaster reconstruction planning and land policy, land acquisition and other aspects of the situation.

Conference for the first time to the media about the implementation of the reconstruction plan. According to reports, since the post disaster reconstruction, province, county and state of Yushu now refers to the parties to strictly enforce the "reconstruction of post disaster reconstruction town overall planning" and "town controlled detailed planning", Yushu has a new show in the world. Up to now, the construction of the housing, the town of the old system of self regulation and regulation of the 33 residential groups have started construction of the group of 13677, the completion of the 12113 households. Plan in June 30th this year, before the realization of housing inspection. "The city spatial structure of T shape, 43 schools, 29 kindergartens, 46 health project put into operation, Kangba Art Center and other public projects have been completed. In the construction of industrial projects, 7 independent commercial areas, the completion of the 11 tourism projects, ecological conservation, regional style features significantly. Jiegu "four vertical and sixteen horizontal", a total of 55 kilometers of road comprehensive traffic, drainage, sewage, gas, built rainwater pipe network more than and 700 kilometers, heating 46, tap water factory, landfill, sewage treatment plant and the 3 bus stop delivery. Reasonable layout of infrastructure construction for the orderly operation of the new Yushu provides protection.

conference, said Yushu county two attaches great importance to the work of land acquisition. According to statistics, the total area of all kinds of task node town demolition of dilapidated buildings of 1 million 962 thousand and 300 square meters; due to the demolition of various housing area of 730 thousand and 100 square meters area project implementation plan; to remove temporary board room 21 thousand, 42 thousand and 600 tents, 131 companies, 108 hotels; at present, all the demolition work of Qing Hui has been completed. The town has been clear land area total 11 thousand and 200 acres of land, at present, the land acquisition project has been completed.

conference also on the disposal of the rights and interests of the reconstruction of the land described. According to not only to respect the history, but also face the reality; not only to administrative law, but also to speed up the reconstruction, perfectly logical and reasonable; and the principle of actively and steadily, personal homestead disposal to take redevelopment, wards, disposal and monetary entitlements in 4 ways. The current node in the town planning area reconstruction of land rights disposal residents reached more than 6 thousand households, by which people in the disaster areas have a choice of space more fully, then people will return to the personal homestead gauge integrated construction, the land vacated by the government for post disaster reconstruction projects and the construction of public facilities, implementation both the government and the people. (author: Wang Ying)


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