Xining City West District 160 million practical projects to improve people’s livelihood

The West District of Xining city

according to the people’s livelihood policy is fully implemented, giving priority to people’s livelihood, livelihood funds promised to accelerate cash requirements, effectively solve the livelihood problems related to the interests of the masses. This year, 160 million yuan investment in the implementation of the project for the tangible things, the regional people’s life quality improved.

2012, West District funding arrangements implementation of the 6 major categories of 20 projects for the tangible things are completed, and earnestly solve the hot issues of concern to the masses of the health education, community construction, social security, city construction etc.. Carry out the construction of entrepreneurial city, built in the west area of human resources and social security service center, west district and West District College Students Employment Training Center Business Incubator Center, which has become an important livelihood window; resettlement of urban employment 5612 people, all kinds of urban unemployed workers employed 3517 people, the registered urban unemployment rate at a total of 3.3%; 112 million yuan pension, unemployment insurance payment of 3 million 940 thousand yuan, urban and rural subsistence allowances and various subsidies 18 million 620 thousand yuan, the health examination for the area 19885 people over the age of 65; for the community cadres to increase 500 yuan per capita, sanitation workers increase 400 yuan per capita; subsidies 2 million 470 thousand yuan, for the area of 249 families solve the housing problems. (author: Yang, Tang Zhonghai, Ma Zhanyu)

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