Qinghai Province entrepreneurship and innovation of women’s action report will be held in Xining

The afternoon of September 11th, the provincial women’s Federation sponsored by Qinghai province "entrepreneurship and innovation of women’s action report will be held in Xining.

Zhou Juemin to "success is about, and the wisdom of peers, do the wisdom of the female occupation" title, how to use the spirit of innovation to achieve their occupation development, how to use the mentality of the sun to create a successful life in detail. In more than 2 hours, we listened carefully to Zhou Juemin’s lecture, her wonderful life experience touched the presence of all the people, won applause. We have said that listening to the lecture benefited, Zhou Juemin’s personal experience is very inspirational, her spirit inspiring, it is worth learning and learning. The report will be deeply infected, touched by the presence of each sister, the provincial women’s Federation cadres Yan Shuping said that today’s report will set up a new beacon for each of us, I hope every sister can have a better future. I hope there will be more opportunities to attend such a lecture in the future.

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