The first batch of farmers in our province to get rural land contract management warrants

6 30 July Shouzheng, the province’s rural land contract management right right issuing ceremony was held in the village of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County Chuan Zhen Dong tang.

vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting and issued the province’s first "the right to contracted management of rural land" as Dong village three farmers cooperatives Wang Chengxing, marks the province has taken a key step to uphold and improve the basic rural operation system, into a new course of deepening the reform of rural collective property.

it is understood that the contracted management right of rural land ownership registration certification work is the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deepen rural reform a major decision to deploy, is an important foundation to uphold and improve the basic rural operation system, the urgent need is to maintain social harmony and stability in rural areas.

since 2014, the province’s first pilot work of the whole county in Huzhu and Minhe county two, the agricultural sector at all levels of beneficial exploration, promote and accumulated experience for the province, provides the demonstration, rushed out a copy of the contracted management of rural land ownership work way.

is currently working, the province’s rural land contract and management rights ownership has covered 24 counties (cities, districts) 241 townships, 3395 villages, the right area of the province’s rural contracted land area accounted for 95%, for the construction of modern plateau ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, the development of various forms of moderate scale management has laid a solid foundation.

on the same day, the first batch of 10 households receive a "right to contracted management of rural land" and farmers of the rural commercial bank in Huzhu county were signed in our province the first rural land management right mortgage loan agreement.


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