Three years before the province’s gross enrollment rate increased by up to 17 59 percentage points i

Prepare tuition, buy autumn…… September 6th, the city of Xining ushered in the fall of kindergarten school, parents and children are busy preparing for admission. According to the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the province’s pre-school education has been better development, three years before the school admission rate was 77.07%.

"back in late August, we went to the nursery for freshmen, starting in September 6th, with tuition only need to sign up on the line." People look at the scene of the new park admission parents manual, said, I asked a few parents, they said that the kindergarten is now ready for a new bedding, parents do not need to buy, so parents also easy. Let me see what else is needed in the parent handbook." Ms. Tian’s 3 year old daughter to kindergarten, to the nearest Park, Ms. Tian visited the nearby several kindergarten, and ultimately chose a nearest kindergarten, she said: "now the new residential or residential area has a kindergarten, so children in kindergarten is very convenient."

as Ms. Tian said, preschool education in our province has been a good development, preschool enrollment rate increased significantly. According to the analysis, the Provincial Bureau of statistics annual data in 2014, the province’s new construction and renovation and expansion of 174 kindergarten children in the garden, up to 175 thousand people, more than 41 thousand people in 2011, including 83 thousand girls, 20 thousand more than in 2011; three years of pre-school gross enrollment rate of 77.07%, 17.59 percentage points higher than in 2011; pre-school gross enrollment the rate was 116.8%, 18.88 percentage points higher than in 2011.  

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