Xining momentum into a clear food exhibition protagonist

From the A Museum of the National Day promotion activities to the B Museum special, from the advantages of resources, investment environment, halal industry launched a grand national folk customs interpretation, in May 16 Nissin food exhibition second days, with a generous package "in Xining City, the momentum away become the protagonist of the show, the rich heritage of the halal industry, a comprehensive reform of the investment environment, 40 industrial investment projects for domestic and foreign merchants themselves, they have attracted me," stop "halal industry economic and trade cooperation.

invited more than 20 customers currently has 375 thousand people of Xining Muslim Halal industry interest in Xining city and surrounding counties of about 600 thousand people, the city’s Muslim class of nearly 2000 enterprises, halal industry continues to expand the scale, continue to extend the industrial chain, Xining enterprises has been the major domestic and foreign enterprises to build strategic cooperation framework preliminary, strong competitive industrial system and competition ability. Unexpectedly, in the distant China northwest, there are so rich halal industry reserves ", in more than 20 influential will promote the halal food industry customers, urgent details to promote staff and enterprises.

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