Xining held in 2014 to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival national cultural activities

in the 2014 Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, in order to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the founding of the PRC, meet the Mid Autumn Festival, lively festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of the festival, Xining will carry out the "mid 2014 · mass cultural activities to celebrate the National Day".

it is reported that this event in Xining city with the spirit of the party’s eighteen as a guide to the Chinese traditional festival "Mid Autumn Festival" and major festivals "National Day" as an opportunity to promote the construction of socialist core value system, actively practice the party’s mass line educational practice, to carry out extensive and diverse folk small masses activities, cultural and recreational activities, special performances and the Chinese classics reading activities, and guide the people to love the traditional festivals, traditional festivals, to enhance patriotic emotion, inspire the national spirit, carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture, to create a warm, festive celebration of civilized and harmonious cultural atmosphere of the 65 anniversary of the founding of new China.

activities in the "mid song song of the Chinese spirit of perfect conjugal bliss" theme, with the county self organized, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the streets, towns, communities, develop small and diverse activities, reflects the characteristics of the broad participation of the masses. In combination with the actual situation, in the organs, schools, enterprises and institutions, street offices (township), community and rural organizations to carry out various forms of folk culture, the National Day Mid Autumn Festival performing community art Gala, reading speech contest and calligraphy, paper cutting, painting and other cultural activities, to enrich people’s holiday life, and strive to practice the party’s mass line educational practice activities, enhance community cohesion, promote the spirit of patriotism, to promote the harmonious development of society. In addition, the organizers will carefully choose the ancient patriotic famous masterpiece, especially the youth organizations of the masses of cadres to carry out the classic poetry readings, the mid autumn day, poetry reading poetry appreciation lectures and other activities, and to "Ode to the moon", "National Day" as the theme of poetry collection activities, guide the masses of people feel the charm of traditional culture.

concern is the big stage people on the evening of September 7th held a "warm autumn night" Mid-Autumn Festival special concert, held during the National Day "to celebrate the National Day" series of special performances; kylin Bay Park stars small stage held in Qinghai local art contest in September 6th, held in September 7th "mid · to celebrate the National Day" variety dance performances. From October 1st to 3, held for three consecutive days to celebrate the National Day Concert; Xining City Cultural Arts Center organized the masses book during the Mid Autumn Festival and national day exhibition.


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