The virtues of youth stars shine in the middle

  civilized star of the most beautiful style officious little Yi Jun really sensible West Street Primary School the fifth grade there was a little girl named Liu Yijun, despite her young age, in the "nosy" that can really bile. Never say dirty words, she is the most annoying classmates say dirty words, who want to say bad words in front of her, once, two times she will give people "on the ideological and political lesson", if there are third, she was angry with others…… Not to mention, she changed a lot of this trick to talk about the bad smell of bad habits. More people admire, she dares to "bad habits in public places each see a roar", people jump the queue, the red light, stop on the spot she dared to let the other do not hang on the face, she didn’t even let parents, once a guy will be chewing gum spit in the bus compartment, her on the spot the guy said "uncivilized", small shame hate cannot find a way to crack into. But Xiao Yi Jun is very polite, such as home to the seven or eight elders, she will take the trouble to greet one by one, if the parents are not, she is like a small master will take care of the guests Zhou zhou. As for the seat in public places, to help others is a commonplace for her. The 10 virtue of youth civilization Star: West Street Primary School, Liu Yijun primary school, high Yujie Nanchuan road – North Street Primary School Teacher Yong Hao (male), South Street Primary School Hu Xianjun (male), Nanshan Road Primary School – MA Yu Xin (male), Datong Street Primary School – Yang Shuwen, 71 Zhang Yuying, Hongxing Road Primary School Primary School – Zhao Yuanrui (male), Hua Luogeng experimental school, Wang Binbao primary school – Jing Zi Qi Yang Zhaojun self-reliance star of the most beautiful love style to the difficult challenges of the little man 71 the fifth grade primary school has a famous young man Li Mengchi, his life motto is: "never give up, meet difficult to do their own thing". The fact that Meng Chi is not an overstatement: from the beginning of the third grade, mother to wash his face and clothes, wash the clothes, he gave her mother pulled my face;

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