Xining motor vehicle exhaust emission has a magic spell

"Xining motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and management approach (Revised Draft)" will be introduced recently, in order to effectively curb motor vehicle exhaust pollution.

in Xining city in 2009 promulgated the "Xining vehicle exhaust pollution prevention management measures", the introduction of this approach has a positive effect on the prevention and control of the exhaust pollution of motor vehicles to play, but because of motor vehicles in Xining city in recent years the population continues to rise, vehicle exhaust pollution has become the main pollution source of urban atmospheric environment, for the protection of the public healthy, must take more stringent measures to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, improve the city atmospheric environment, therefore, the city of Xining in the foundation to solicit community suggestions on the forthcoming "Xining vehicle exhaust pollution prevention management measures (Revised Draft)".


"(Revised Draft)" the prevention and control of vehicle exhaust pollution from the source, the provisions of the municipal government shall formulate relevant policies and measures to encourage, support and promote the use of clean energy vehicles, vehicle phasing out of high pollution and high energy consumption. "Approach (Revised Draft)" clear the vehicle exhaust detection is the main means of supervision and management, the exhaust detection provides a regular inspection and sampling two forms. Clear the implementation of motor vehicle registration standards, the initial registration or the city moved into the field of motor vehicles must comply with the state’s latest models of environmental protection list, the field into the city’s motor vehicles, exhaust testing should be carried out. If the vehicle is to be scrapped, the owner shall not take the initiative to discard it, and the public security organ and the traffic administrative department shall be compelled to cancel the law.


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