Provincial organs and institutions of staff pension system reform orderly

  at present, the provincial organs and institutions of staff pension insurance system reform is being carried out in full swing. According to the provincial government issued the "provincial institutions endowment insurance system and perfect salary system reform work plan", the provincial departments in accordance with the work plan of the provincial government and relevant requirements, pay close attention to the situation of the comprehensive and thorough investigation of related data with measurement work, study and formulate and Implementation Opinions and related reform in our province supporting policies and measures in an orderly manner, and strive to complete the reform work in our province as soon as possible.

in January this year, the State Council promulgated the "on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff" and "on the adjustment of the organs and institutions of staff basic wage increase and institutions retirees pension three implementation plan", urged all localities to develop specific implementation advice and measures, strengthen leadership, carefully organized and implemented to ensure the smooth progress of the reform. Currently, the relevant state ministries are studying and the introduction of relevant specific measures and implementation details.

provincial Party committee and provincial government attaches great importance to the reform of the old-age insurance system for the staff and workers of the organs and institutions. The provincial government in the establishment of the province’s institutions endowment insurance system and supporting the wage system reform work leading group, governor Hao Peng made important instructions, vice governor Cheng Lihua held a meeting arrangements, clear objectives, tasks and schedule. Requires all localities and departments to accurately understand the spirit of national policy, and reform of the quasi state direction, closely follow up the pace of reform, strengthen contact communication, co-ordination of reform, strengthen social insurance and informatization construction, actively promote the reform, the policy and procedures require strict reform work good grasp of.


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