The happiness factor on the road in Xining

happiness in Xining, traffic ahead!

if the happiness of Xining is an organism, then the road traffic is an indispensable artery –

2016 planning and construction (renovation) 311 parking lot, berth 11387……

3 1, Xining airport bus will be officially settled in Xining passenger terminal……

the city’s new tourist passenger vehicles 380, since May 1st, have been put into use……

60 bay bus stop points, 298 new bus updates……

100 billion investment in highway construction projects, so that people travel more convenient……

this one jump in the streets of Xining traffic happiness factor, is constantly providing support for the construction of the well-being of Xining, inject kinetic energy!

the city during the two sessions, the newspaper connecting Xining City Transportation Bureau, together to look at those jumping happiness factor.

happy Xining parking


phone check empty parking spaces at a glance

a "parking parking service informationization, intelligent management, regulate parking, public parking convenient" as the goal, the implementation of the city public parking lot intelligent city public parking lot project, realize intelligent control, improve the efficiency of the use of parking facilities. Plans for the construction of parking management operations within the year 2016, the city’s public parking lot of intelligent guidance and mobile client software three systems, the completion of an investment of $27 million.

[People’s livelihood bonus]:

phone software check, the surrounding parking spaces free parking spaces, parking more convenient, fast.

—- parking order in an orderly manner, parking into the warehouse into the line, charging norms, no illegal parking, no illegal parking.

parking service feedback can be properly addressed and a special reply.


new 311 parking lot

area by street, in 2016 planning and construction (renovation) 311 parking lot, berth 11387, with a total investment of 200 million yuan.

[People’s livelihood bonus]:

convenient parking, but also to ensure the smooth operation of the people.

– violation of the provisions of the public temporary parking lot banned,";

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