To ensure the safe and effective use of financial capital Xining thorough investigation of financial

March 15th to August 30th, Xining City, county (District) party and government organs, institutions, people’s organizations to carry out a special inspection of the 2013 annual financial fund management. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels will seriously deal with the interception, misappropriation, corruption and waste of law issues such as discipline and personnel, for discipline violations found together with the investigation, the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime will be transferred to judicial organs, to ensure the safe and effective use of financial funds.

this special inspection, whether there is another, false, false impersonator financial capital and misappropriate of special funds and other acts; the existence of super scope, super standard, super (almost) budget expenses and reimbursement approval procedures are not standardized; whether the budget and budget additional funding, the level of the Department of various grants, cooperative unit fees, donations, revenue from the sale of state-owned assets, the unit is not included in the loan income, "between the subjects" hidden income behavior.

will check at the same time, falsifying expenses, the unit funds balances, balances "between subjects, to evade supervision behavior; collect tax (fee) not according to the provisions of the invoice, false invoices issued or made notes or the use of false invoices for reimbursement; without the establishment of fees or charges do not strictly enforce the government cancellation fees have been ordered to continue charging behavior; charge do not strictly enforce the" two lines of revenue and expenditure management, kept private, little Treasuries and other acts. (author: Wu Yachun)


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