Luo Huining on the construction of the three district a reporter asked

the morning of March 6th, the Qinghai delegation held a media open day, the National People’s Congress, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Luo Huining on the construction of our province "three areas" answered the people’s Daily reporter’s question.

reporter: we are concerned, the party’s eighteen years, Qinghai to accelerate the construction of the "three zones", ask the Secretary Luo Huining, Qinghai is considering what kind of strategy based on the construction of "three areas", which achieved success?

Luo Huining: as you know, for an area, it is an important condition for the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society to find the position in the overall situation of the whole country, and to establish and enhance the comparative advantage. Qinghai is the "Sanjiang source", "Chinese water tower", the construction of ecological civilization is the first area, we consciously take to build national ecological security barrier, service the Chinese nation in the long-term interests of the responsibility, and the implementation of the main functional areas and realize the sustainable development of their own urgent need. Qinghai is rich in resources, but ecological vulnerability, emphasis on the industrial structure coarse is short, the construction of circular economy pilot area development, is to accelerate the transformation of development mode, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, quality and efficiency, out of a green circular and low-carbon development path. Qinghai multi-ethnic, and at the forefront of the struggle against separatism, the construction of national unity and progress of advanced areas, is to emphasize and improve people’s livelihood and the cohesion of the people, resolutely safeguard social stability, safeguarding national unity and security, to achieve the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development. "Three zones" construction is in line with the national strategic layout, but also highlights the characteristics of Qinghai province. In Qinghai, to seize the "three zone", seize the development of the bid, will win the comparative advantage, better play the role in the overall situation in the country.

just a few delegates in the speech of a large number of facts, from different aspects of the "three zones" to achieve the obvious stage effect. It can be summed up in three: first, the concept of ecological conservation priorities to promote coordinated economic and social development of the policy firmly established, the effect of building a national ecological security barrier in the continuous show. Two is to focus on structural adjustment, transfer mode, increase the power to adapt and lead the ability to lead the new economic development in the continuous improvement. Three is to maintain the overall social harmony and stability, the people of all ethnic groups to share the development of a growing sense of access. Strive to build the "three zones" and the building of a moderately prosperous society is the same, is the. We will unify the goal oriented and problem oriented, continue to work hard. (special correspondent Zhang Haihu)

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