Beichuan River Bridge Maintenance tomorrow traffic control

In November 11th, reporters from the Provincial Executive Bureau, November 13th, Beichuan River Bridge Arch maintenance construction, to ensure the smooth progress of construction and safety during construction, traffic order, the implementation of road traffic control, vehicle closed diversion measures of expressway. It is understood that the closed section of Chaoyang (Tongren Road Qilian Road overpass ramp Road (highway) to the entrance), including Chaoyang toll diversion measures: large vehicles (5 tons) shunt to Lake toll station, small vehicles to Chaoyang overpass ramp diversion to Qilian Road, Chaoyang North toll Tongren Road; station: large vehicles (5 tons) by Ning road crossing the West ramp flow to the sea, Lake Xigang disposition toll station, small vehicles diverted to the Qilian Road, bridge street; Qaidam Road: large vehicles (5 tons) to the Shanghai Road Interchange diverted to Lake Lake, West toll station, small vehicles diverted to Qilian Road, bridge street. Traffic control time was drawn at 8 -20 on November 13, 2014. For security reasons, the construction period, it is strictly prohibited to destroy the scene, mobile traffic signs signs and safety protection facilities; no free parking in the construction area should be controlled effectively; the vehicle speed, keep a safe distance between vehicles, in strict accordance with the highway construction site and set the traffic signs, road traffic, obey the traffic police command staff and on-site security maintenance personnel to guide the majority of passengers; please consciously abide by the laws and regulations of expressway.  

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