Carrying out the strategy of strengthening the province by talents and inspiring the innovation and

for the further implementation of talent strategy, give full play to the leading role of talents in science and technology innovation, industrial development, enterprise management, maximize stimulate innovation and creativity of talent, provide a solid talent support and intellectual protection, in August 5th for the construction of the harmonious beauty of Qinghai provincial Party committee, formally issued "on deepening reform of institutional mechanisms for the implementation of talent development opinions of Qinghai province" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

in February 27th this year the central government issued "on deepening talent development system reform opinions", the provincial leadership of the first time instructions, I composed of the drafting group by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, human resources and social security department, the provincial science and technology department and other 14 units involved in and around the key links, reform in our province talent development system how to break through difficulty and innovation of sufficient investigation. From April to June, our province focus on expanding the autonomy of universities, reform, innovation and entrepreneurship title management incentive mechanism reform "three thematic analysis, fully absorb experts and personnel workers repeatedly written opinions and suggestions, seek the views of relevant departments, and ultimately the formation of the" opinions "(draft).

"opinions" focuses on the foundation of the party in charge of personnel, adhere to the overall development services, highlighting the market orientation, embody the classified policy and expand personnel open principle, pay attention to the integration of development, pay attention to introduce basic principles for simultaneously, focus on institutional innovation, from the working mechanism, management system and other aspects of the 7 items 26 major reform measures. Among them, the 7 major reform measures include speeding up the establishment of talents and the construction of the "three zones" strategic integration and development mechanism, to build a more perfect system of personnel training, improve the mechanism to support the more open flexible recruitment mechanism, construct the talents of Qinghai province innovation incentive mechanism, improve the talent evaluation and flow mechanism, constructing scientific talents the management system, improve the talent guarantee mechanism for the operation of Party canal.

"opinions" on the actual situation in our province, showing three characteristics, first, comprehensive progress, not only implement the central deployment, put forward specific and feasible measures to implement the central and relevant comments, highlighting the characteristics of Qinghai, combined with the actual situation in the province put forward new measures. Second, there is a breakthrough in the talent evaluation and title management, talent introduction policy, the preparation of management, innovation and entrepreneurship incentive mechanism to encourage exploration and innovation, etc., made a series of breakthrough reform ideas. Third, action characteristics, "opinions" from my province and talent development reality, say Qinghai, Qinghai office, highlighting the integration and development concept, highlighting the flexible employment oriented concept, highlight the basic line, highlighting the Qinghai spirit.


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