Our province to promote the blue sky clean water action and home beautification action

"like the protection of the eyes to protect the ecological environment, like the treatment of life as the ecological environment, promote the formation of green development and lifestyle……" Even Japan, environmental protection departments of our province and firmly grasp the profound understanding of the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping to promote the protection of the ecological environment ", in accordance with the overall arrangements of the provincial government, pay close attention to the implementation of new measures to promote the" blue sky action "and" home beautification action ", build a strong national ecological security barrier.

in recent years, our province to improve environmental quality as the core, adhere to pollution control and ecological protection and coordination, the full implementation of the national plan for water, air and soil pollution prevention three actions, the implementation of the new norm under the new environmental protection measures, in the "12th Five-Year" at the end to the people of the whole country to produce a satisfactory ecological responses. This year and next period, in the prevention of water pollution, the province will adhere to both the protection and management system, promote the prevention and control of water pollution, water ecological protection and water resources management; water quality improvement is the key to maintain, on the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, Lancang River, Heihe Valley good water conservation, promote the protection of inland water the three big rivers, to ensure the water quality in class II above.

To improve the

in Xining city last year, air quality rate to 77.6%, become the basis for continued to decline only PM10 concentration in five northwestern provinces in the region, this year, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau in the comprehensive management of air pollution in two cities of Xining, Haidong at the same time, the focus of work to other State House seat urban expansion, in order to improve the environment good air quality rate control, PM2.5 and PM10 as the focus, taking into account the O3 control, do a good job of urban comprehensive dust control, strict control of coal to promote coal dust control, to speed up the yellow car and the elimination of old vehicles, the implementation of the national fifth stage vehicle emission standards, encourage Xining ahead of the implementation of the sixth stage of the national standard, promote the oil facilities; actively promote the atmospheric pollutant emission of industrial enterprises in full compliance, thermal power, steel, cement, chemical industry, nonferrous metals industry is the key to carry out Comprehensive control of industrial kiln flue gas pollution, timely implementation of the most stringent pollutant discharge standards and ultra low emissions of thermal power units, while focusing on the petrochemical industry to promote the treatment of volatile organic pollutants.

at the same time, carry out home beautification action, based on 2014 to complete the arrangement of 300 villages contiguous environmental remediation projects, this year, our province will be in accordance with the comprehensive improvement of rural environment national dragnet full coverage requirements, new arrangements for the implementation of environmental remediation village 523; basis for implementation of the "Yijiangdaibu funds of 100 million yuan arrange 100 million yuan in 2014, to carry out national highway traffic along the railway, tourism scenic area and the surrounding environment comprehensive rectification work, and urge the surrounding centralized remediation of environmental health success.


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