Municipal Public Security Bureau held a report on the implementation of the people’s police core val

In May 11th, the public security organs to practice the core values of people’s police in Xining city view deeds report will be held successfully in the special police detachment on the eighth floor conference room

5 month 11 days, the public security organs to fulfill the people’s police core value concept Xining deeds report will be held successfully in the special police detachment on the eighth floor conference room. The director of the Political Department of politics and Law Committee Wang Ping, Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Li Wei, the Political Department of the Provincial Public Security Department of personnel director Li Guosheng, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions Zhang Le, the city spiritual civilization office deputy director Huang Tingcheng, municipal chuangxianzhengyou leading Group Office of Qi, municipal committee team construction director Song Wenjun, municipal people’s Congress the Municipal Public Security Bureau, specially invited Wang Furong, a member of the CPPCC, the Municipal Public Security Bureau specially invited Lu Chenghui, deputy director of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda department director Zhang Lei, municipal public security bureau Party Committee, Li Lianming, Wang Xiaohua, municipal public security bureau Party committee, discipline committee Zhao Weimin and other leaders to listen to the live report. Municipal Public Security Bureau Party committee, the Political Department of the yuan Chun as the leader of the report on the deeds of advanced speech.

report group members, there are always fighting in the front line of the police public security reign of terror on behalf of Chen Haifeng; there is no fear, fear not only the love of the heroic utterance of public security, the anti drug police on behalf of Pu Wei; whether in summer or winter, wind or rain are still stick to their three foot Gang to the police on behalf of Li Hai; "hard work, hard work, good intentions, intentions to win the hearts of the police" community police on behalf of Zhang Minfei; useful blood to write the police with great love, action to practice the "people’s police for the people of the sacred promise on behalf of Guo Dingyu also has the police; with love, sincerity, perseverance Months and years pass by. creating extraordinary household registration police on behalf of Yang Haitao ordinary post.

head of the report, the municipal public security bureau Party committee, the political department director yuan Chun pointed out that several comrades in the report today is the city’s public security organs at all levels of the broad masses of the outstanding representatives of the people’s police and microcosm! They use their own practical action, the practice of the people’s police loyal public security, the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly concept, enforce the law and justice, lawful pursuit of value, the basic integrity for police corruption, self-cultivation is the heart, the interpretation of the "people’s police core values of the deep connotation, fully reflects the new changes and since the disciplined style of education and rectification activities of police team of the new look, new weather, so that we deeply education and enlightenment, we are surrounded by such a good police, good comrade and proud!

touching deeds report group members once again pulled the audience’s mind. In the atmosphere of the scene, the audience burst into warm applause, sometimes gently wipe the tears from the corner of the eye. After the meeting, prolonged applause.


, the police have said that through today’s lectures to learn, to make fine customs carrying forward, to be loyal guards of the party and the people, to serve the overall situation, to promote the development of the pioneer era, striving to be the feelings of the people and promote the advanced model of harmony.


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