Datong County ndustrial and commercial bureau to carry out food safety special rectification work

in order to strengthen the school and the surrounding food market supervision, protection of primary and middle school students’ physical and mental health, to further improve the work of Datong County Campus and surrounding environment, according to the province to strengthen food safety teleconference spirit, combined with the actual situation of Datong County, county industrial and commercial Bureau organized the schools and the surrounding food safety special rectification work.

During the rectification of

combined with routine inspections and special rectification, focusing on the county’s primary and secondary schools around the canteen "three noes" commodities were examined; increased the "three noes" food source tracing and remediation. The key to strengthen market supervision, strengthen market inspections, regulate business activities around the campus operators, banning unlicensed unlicensed behavior; norms around the campus management order, and selling expired, poor food and "three" goods, seriously deal with complaints, maintaining social stability. The special rectification of the 39 schools, 86 kindergartens, 100 primary school to carry out supervision and inspection, law enforcement officers dispatched 354 passengers, vehicles 95 times. Check food operators 941 households. Seized 70 bags of instant noodles expired, expired oil Hot pot bottom material 19 bags, 8 bags of Hanging noodles expired, expired Wahaha drinks 35 bottles of expired food, 19 bags, investigation and sales of expired food in 2 cases.

in this area and the bureau responsible person to regularly exchange information, under the unified leadership of the local Party committee and government, strengthen the information communication, and concerted efforts, focus on remediation and regular supervision combine regular inspections carried out. At the same time to create a good atmosphere, to take a variety of forms to improve students’ ability to identify imported food, to prevent counterfeit goods into the market for the healthy growth of young people to create a safe environment for consumption.  


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